The Thanksgiving Holiday has just gone by and the Clean Up Action jumps into action.

One of the most important Places to clean after having Holiday reunions is cleaning up your Furniture. Furniture is expensive and requires extra attention from time to time. When your furniture needs more than a regular vacuuming, we recommend professional furniture cleaning. You can trust Marias Professional Cleaning the to clean your furniture, and your home, the way you would if you had the time.

Our residential housekeepers not only use quality products, they care about your home. Keep your furniture clean with regular dusting and vacuuming. This task should be performed at least every other week, and perhaps weekly if your furniture is used often. When you need to wax or clean your furniture, keep these tips in mind: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely. Put wax or cleaner directly on the cloth and work in small areas. Complete the task by giving the furniture one last wipe, in direction of the Grain.

These Cleaning Tips not only help you maintain your Furniture looking beautiful in the Holidays but all year Long. Keep in mind that the first view family friends see in your home is your Furniture and the aspect of it and the condition is in Speaks a lot of yourself therefore use this Furniture Tip to increase the Positive Energy your Home brings to everyone who enters your Home in this Holiday Season and always keeping in mind that Marias Professional Cleaning is always here to help you guide you in having a Clean and Gorgeous Home.

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