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How is the work of a house distributed for a team of 3?

One person shakes and vacuums, while in the master bedroom two people clean the bathroom; The person who cleans the shower also cleans the tub, while the second person who cleans the sinks also cleans the toilet. Of these two people, whoever finishes first continues to clean the other bathrooms and laundry, while the other person who stayed sweeps, mops and checks that everything is in place. When finished, it is up to you to clean the kitchen and patio.

In the second instance, whoever finishes first of the three will continue to sweep, and whoever finishes later mops. The third person will support any of the two who need help with their homework, preferably mopping.

The person who finishes sweeping clean the main door of the home, sweeps and throws the trash, and when finished begins to upload all clean and organized work material to the company transport so that it is ready for the next house. Once a second person is free from mopping, she helps the one who is uploading the material. Finally, the third person dries the floor, does a general check of the house to reaffirm that everything is done properly, makes sure that they are not taking anything from the house and that they do not forget any material from the company.

En la siguiente casa, se rotan los turnos anteriores: quien sacudió la casa anterior limpia los baños, la que limpió los baños limpia la cocina y la que limpio la cocina anteriormente ahora sacude, y así sucesivamente durante las casas totales del día

If the people involved in the cleaning feel like it and it works to work differently from what is written above, they can do it as long as all three agree and the distribution of work is equitable. (e.g. who cleans the bathrooms helps make beds for those who shake, the one in the bathrooms cleans the patio, the same person shakes in all the houses, etc.)

Inhabited Houses Cleaning

General cleaning and shaking: mix water with Murphys and lemon oil, shake the furniture up and down with this mixture, wipe with a well-wrung cloth and then a dry cloth. Cleaning mirrors or glass furniture with Windex or soapy water, making beds, cleaning blinds and window sills, vacuuming and taking out trash.

Kitchen cleaning: prepare soapy water in the dishwasher, clean the cabinets outside, the stove, kitchen utensils, decorations and walls. Clean refrigerator, oven and microwave outside. (For an extra charge of $ 50 each, everything is removed and each appliance is thoroughly washed). Clean dishwasher window and, if applicable, the rear door.

La persona que termina de barrer limpiar la puerta principal del hogar, barre y tira la basura, y al terminar comienza a subir al transporte de la empresa todo material de trabajo limpio y organizado para que esté listo para la siguiente casa. Una vez que una segunda persona se desocupe de trapear le ayuda a la que está subiendo el material. Por último, la tercera persona seca el piso, hace un chequeo general de la casa para reafirmar que todo está hecho de forma apropiada, se asegura de que no están tomando nada de la casa y que tampoco olvidan ningún material de la compañía.

Barrer, trapear, aspirar, sacar la basura, limpiar el patio y puerta frontal, checar la casa antes de salir.

Give special attention to details, sometimes doors, fans, marquees, light switches, among others.

‣ In the first session each house is charged by the hour.
‣ Deep cleaning of oven, refrigerator, windows, garage, cabinets inside, food pantry, closets, packing and unpacking, washing patios are extra services and have an additional cost.

Office Cleaning


General cleaning: shake desks, decoration, accessories etc. take out trash, clean interior or internal windows. The doors (pay attention to the edges), clean glass and wooden doors of each office. Aspire.

Cleaning the toilets: cleaning and disinfecting the toilet and sink (pay attention to the seats and around the toilet, water stains on the back of the sink). Fill dispensaries with paper, soap, kleenex, disinfectants or others, take out garbage and clean cans, leave extra plastic bags under the can, sweep and mop.

Kitchen cleaning: cleaning inside, outside and above the refrigerator and microwave. Clean cabinet doors, take out trash. sweep and mop.


Detailed cleaning: canopies, light switches and doors.

Every Four Weeks

Difficult areas: fans, heights, plants, artificial or natural, organize the interior of the kitchen cabinets each month.

Important Notes:

‣ No windows are made, only the edges.

‣ The front door is the only one that is cleaned inside and out.

‣ If you want deep window cleaning (deep cleaning category) it has an extra cost.

Rental Houses Cleaning

In general: even when the apartment is not occupied it is necessary to shake, wash and change sheets.

Bathroom cleaning: wash bowl, sink and put clean towels (leave extra towels available). Put new paper, soaps, shampoos and discard the old ones. Check cabinets, make sure everything is clean and in order.

Kitchen cleaning: pay attention to appliances: cleaning the refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, microwave, etc. Clean and organize cabinets and food pantry. Leave clean paper and/or cloth napkins and towels available, as well as hand and dish soap.

Clean patios and front door, take out trash.

‣ Review the notes of each house before leaving the office, ask necessary questions to clarify doubts if necessary to provide a service according to the client’s needs.

‣ Bring paper, soap, shampoo, etc. from the office if the client does not provide it.

‣ Report forgotten items to the office.

‣ If there are extra towels and / or sheets, it is not necessary to wait to wash or dry them at home, they can be washed and dried in the office as long as it is noted and you are responsible for returning them to the corresponding place the next time you clean.

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