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Who We Are

María Rosales

María Rosales was born in Mexico and came to Arizona in 1990, she is the mother of 2 children Brian and Makeyla. Brian is the future new owner of María’s Professional Cleaning, which was founded by MARIA ROSALES 25 years ago in July 1995. María began cleaning houses at age 22, before her children were born.

Brian Ahumada

Brian Ahumada born in Chandler Arizona raised in Mesa Arizona. CEO of Marias House Cleaning born in July 1997, my mother Maria Rosales is the founder of Marias Professional Cleaning, I have been working forthis company for 3 years now.

Get Your First Deep Cleaning

Maria’s Professional Cleaning is a commercial cleaning company specializing in janitorial facility cleaning services for offices, education, industrial, healthcare facilities, residentials, apartments, and more. Let us help you with all of your janitorial needs!



Who are We as a Business?

We are a qualified team that is comforted by professionals with experience in providing detailed cleaning services of the highest quality for your home. We take pride in our work and guarantee a flawless finish. We understand that your days are busy and your time is as valuable as it is limited, so we work to make your space as pleasant and harmonious as you deserve it, we are here for you!


Commitment, responsibility and passion is what it is all about. We also welcome comments and feedback from our customers to improve.


Provide solutions in cleaning materials, guaranteed excellence, professionalism and quality of service that promote the well-being and satisfaction of our customers.


Our vision as a company is to become the most recognized residential cleaning corporation in the valley of the sun for the quality of our work and the details that adorn our client's houses. Become a franchise recognized throughout the United States.


Detailed service

We believe that details make the difference, that is why we pay attention to each space we serve and focus our work with great care towards the smallest details.


Our Philosophy

Promote an enjoyable, relaxing and productive lifestyle for home residents by providing cleanliness and details that create happy homes.


We work as a unit with honesty, integrity, openness and mutual respect to foster teamwork and achieve common goals.

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to understanding the needs of our customers and providing the highest quality products and services to meet their expectations. Our success is based on pleasing and delighting our customers to earn their respect and loyalty.


We take responsibility for our work and our actions as individuals and as a team.


We believe that honesty is an integral part of our working relationships.


The Commitment Of Maria’s Professional Cleaning

Maria’s Professional Cleaning seeks to be a workplace with opportunities for its personal, fair and fair work especially for women mothers who support their homes. We seek unity at work, positively influence your lifestyle and team achievements.


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