Cleaning Tips for Upcoming Holidays

Everyone likes a clean house. Of course, you’ll want to do some holiday cleaning before your friends and family arrive on your doorstep. Where should you focus that cleaning energy? Think about who’s coming, how long they’re staying, and what they’ll see. It’s always a good idea to walk through your home with fresh eyes, as if you’re seeing it for the first time. That will help you know how clean your house is.

Not only will you be happy to welcome visitors into a clean house during these upcoming Holidays, but during cold and flu season (including COVID-19), doing your pre- and post-party holiday cleaning also means you’ll cut down on the spread of germs. Freshening up your home by cleaning and airing it out will get rid of anything that’s lingering or that the kids have brought home. You will go through the kitchen and bathrooms periodically during the gathering to wipe down faucets and door handles, empty trash and recycling, and refill toilet paper and tissues as needed. This will reassure you have a Great clean and safe holiday.

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